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We are aiming to raise £50,000 to secure IBCs future with a series of events and fundraising campaigns around the number 50, to celebrate our 50 years at City Road Basin and to look ahead to the next 50 (minimum!)

Our intention is to join forces with local people, schools, youth groups and businesses: to build up a community to support us, so we can support them in the future: to encourage people to try out watersports for health and wellbeing; and last but by no means least……………to have FUN!!

We need ambassadors!!

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Become a MISSION50 ambassador

  • Do you think you could do 50 squats a day for 50 days?

  • Could you manage to eat 50 Maltesers in 5 minutes?

  • Why not knit 50 squares that could be made into a blanket to help people keep warm on our Narrowboat?

  • Bake 50 cakes and sell them?

  • Paddle 50 widths of the basin in a kayak?

  • Walk 50 miles?

  • Knit 50 woolie hats?

  • Cycle 50 miles?

  • 50 kick ups?

  • 50 minutes of exercise?

  • 50 hrs of volunteering?

  • Using Strava, walk or run “50” on the map


Come up with your own 50 challenge, we’ll be right behind you all the way!!

Grab some friends!

Mission50 team challenge2.png

Create a Team Challenge

  • Team of 5 completing 150 miles kayaking over 5 days

  • Office ping pong marathon - 50 hours playing!

  • Bellboat Relay Challenge - 2 teams of 10 people 

  • 50 continuous basket ball goals 

  • Crystal Maze challenge - ask for details

  • Scavenger hunt land

  • Canal scavenger hunt

If you have your own idea for a team challenge, we’ll be happy to arrange an event at the club (within social distancing rules)

Apply to take part

Other ways to support the campaign....

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IBC has provided amazing water activities for the local community since the 1970s, and our impact reaches many thousands of people - including vulnerable young people, the over 50s and the wider community. 

There are many ways you can make a difference, visit our page at Give As You Live to find out - 


Support our ambassadors

If you can support our ambassadors then please pledge what you can, every penny will help! However if you cannot donate then it would mean the world to us if you'd spread the word by simply sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Insta and any other social media that you use.

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