Alannah Makoni

September 2017 

Alannah is an extremely dedicated member within Islington boat club as she is willing to participate in everything. She has participated in numerous slalom events that we have taken place in and has always achieved. Alannah is a member of our youth club who attends all year round and is willing to learn, and enjoy herself whilst doing so which is what our mission statement is about.

She is also a proficient paddler and would always like to do more. Recently, we went to Bude and Alannah pushed herself in sea kayaking and surfing as she managed to surf really well too. She has also formed more friendships with our other youth members which has enabled her to feel more confident at our organisation and it reflects in her paddling and socially.

Gallas Sey

October 2017

Gallas has recently returned to Islington boat club as of summer 2017 and has showed nothing but commitment and perseverance within his paddling as he has learned new techniques, such as improvements to his paddling, rolling, and hand rolling; this has also made him appear more confident and willing to try anything related to paddling.

He has also motivated other members of the club to learn  difficult techniques e.g. rolling and has brought positivity to the club through demonstrating outgoingness as we have seen a lot of progression with our other club members since. He was also willing to demonstrate what he had learnt as he participated in a showcase at the Angel Canal Festival to show the community what our youth members are taught within our sessions.

Lewis Lee

November 2017

Lewis has recently transitioned from a youth member to a staff member and has assisted those with the willingness to learn greatly. An example of this would be getting in the canal in summertime to help those who wanted to learn how to roll, do so. Due to this happening we have had four members within the space of five weeks learn rolling, and one of them is able to hand roll too. This has also created an atmosphere where more people would prefer to learn as well as have fun, and there are more people who have joined our organisation because of this, so this has been highly beneficial for us.

Lewis has also worked with the community as he works with the elderly, disability groups, and youth members. However, he hasn't given up on his personal paddling either as whenever he gets the opportunity to go on trips he will take it. This is also useful for our organisation, as the more he learns, the more he can teach others. Lewis currently has a Level 1 Qualification in Canoe and Kayak Coaching which means he is able to take 6 members out with him at a time; this is also beneficial as it increases our ratio for the amount of paddlers we can take out on the water altogether. He also has a powerboat and narrowboat license which is useful for our groups and within the winter season when it is too cold to kayak consistently.