All On Board

Parent testimonial

"Both of my children attend The Boat Club each week and enjoy going there very much. The staff are very good with the kids, Sarah (Rex) especially. They anticipate needs in a timely fashion and keep my children motivated, and they have learned a lot of new skills. The activities provided are varied and interesting and my children have been able to make friendship networks for the first time in their lives - which is a wonderful thing to witness. The environment is warm and welcoming. I cannot praise The Boat Club too highly - it has been a godsend and long may it continue."

George 18  (autism), Carly   17   (autism)

Elizabeth Keable-Elliott


Parent testimonial

"William Binks, my 18 year old son, has attended the "All on Board" club for people with additional needs at The Islington Boat Club for nearly two years.

William has autism and he has attended various after school clubs for people with additional needs.. Most  providers behave like baby sitters with little thought about engaging with these young people in an appropriate way.

This is not what I have observed at the Boat Club where staff work with our children with enthusiasm and respect. All the staff that I have met demonstrate a natural and authentic ability to engage with our young people,  who often find the most basic social situations a struggle. Not only does my son enjoy the water activities but he is shortly going to be evaluated for the Level 2 Paddle Power qualification ( kayaking). At no other club my son has attended has the development of skills been a target.

The encouragement by staff to bring the young people together has resulted in them forming real friendships and bonds. I directly attribute my son making friends to his attendance at the club . Such is my trust in the staff that we allowed our son to go on a weekend break with the club- the first holiday he has taken without my husband and me.

I am impressed at the organisational work that the staff obviously put in behind the scenes: the club offers activities during the school holidays and there are a host of different activities on offer. 

I watched with pure joy the charity dinner last year at which our young people played a big part in the cooking and organisation. Their elation and pride was demonstrable when they took a bow at the end of the evening. I did observe that staff could be firm as well as fun: our children need boundaries and clear objectives.

My admiration and respect for the staff at the club  has resulted in my family making a substantial financial donation.

Islington Boat Club, in my opinion, is a terrific organisation in the provision of a safe, creative and fun place for my son to attend."

Lisa Wood