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Stand Up Paddleboarding


Stand Up Paddleboarding with sup@islington

Have you tried stand up paddleboarding (SUP), a wonderful new water sport, on our lovely stretch of Regent’s Canal yet? It’s relaxing but will also give you an all-over, low impact body workout. It’s also a wonderful way to get close to nature.

We offer high quality SUP at affordable rates with a real community feel in Islington. Our qualified instructors run small group sessions (6 people plus our SUP coach) and you can join a variety of classes to suit all abilities.

New to SUP?

If you have never tried SUP before, are rusty or a bit unfit, we advise that you attend an INTRO TO SUP lesson first. The lesson is a great opportunity to master stand-up paddleboard technique and learn how to SUP safely and confidently.

Love to SUP?

If you already have some experience paddleboarding, we offer CANAL TOURS at the weekend, regular after work SUNSET SUP paddles and longer trips along Regent’s Canal from Islington to Hackney. Or join us for the IMPROVERS SUP and learn to move like a pro around your board and get the skills to paddle with speed and flair. Click the booking link to see what’s on.

5 SUPs for the price of 4

Join sup@islington regularly with our 2022 SUP DEAL. Pay £120 and then choose what you love – a weekend CANAL TOUR, weekday SUNSET SUP or IMPROVERS SUP - plus random invites to get out on the water. This may include litter picking with our friends at Planet Patrol (free).

Need to chill?

We also run short RELAXING SUP classes for bargain prices. These are designed for people who are low paid and/or in highly stressful jobs, eg, teachers, NHS staff, key workers and students 18+.

If you think this is you (or want to ask questions about it) then please contact Nicola, email:

Want to make a special booking or bond with colleagues?

If you have any questions, want to organise a treat for your family/friends, private tuition or a corporate group event then please contact Nicola,


Want to give a SUP voucher?

Share the love to SUP vibe by giving your friends/family/colleague an INTRO TO SUP or CANAL TOUR voucher. Ideal for birthdays and Christmas gifts.

Click the blue BOOK ONLINE tab above. 

Winter SUP

Our SUP programme is seasonal so we run very few sessions from November until spring – but if you have cold weather kit then you can join our winter CANAL TOURS or our super popular SANTA SUP.

Click the blue BOOK ONLINE tab above.


From April-October we are on the water a lot, and we’d love you to come out with us. Join the Facebook group for more information and for dates, times and availability. Also give us a follow on Insta

Did you know?

sup@islington puts 100% of our net profits into Islington Boat Club so they can run amazing activities for kids and the community. In 2021 we raised £6,000 for the club.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for your help doing this. Whatever you book –
whether it’s a private session with friends, celebrating a birthday or anniversary with a
paddle, a group lesson or a canal tour you’re giving back to our community.


See you on the water soon.



Where is Islington Boat Club?

Our address is 16-34 Graham Street, London, N1 8JX. Have a look at the map too. Nearest
tubes are Angel (6 mins) and Old Street (10 mins). We are quite close to Essex Road train
station and Haggerston station (both about a 20 mins walk).

What three words?

Ends. Shave. Toned

Can I cycle?

We have cycle racks at the boat club and encourage you to arrive by public transport, walk or bike. There’s also a Santander bike rack on Graham Street. If you think you have to drive,
find parking nearby on Sat from 1.30pm and all day Sun.

Do I need to be able to swim?

We recommend that you are able to swim 25m in light clothing and be comfortable in the
water. All participants are required to wear buoyancy aids when on or near the water.

Do you have changing facilities?

Yes, we have 3 changing rooms all with a toilet. Since 2020 and Covid-19 we recommend
that you try and arrive in what you will wear to SUP. We also have two showers, but these
are for emergencies, eg, if you fall in and need to clean up before heading home.

What shall I wear?

Dress in the clothes you’d wear for a yoga/Pilates class – leggings and layers. We
recommend that you wear neoprene beach shoes or wetsuit booties, but old trainers (with
soft soles) are OK. We don’t recommend bare feet. Sometimes people do fall into the water
so bring a towel and some spare clothes just in case. We’ll supply a buoyancy aid. If it’s
sunny please bring a hat and suncream and remember to drink enough water. Email Nicola
on if you have questions.

How much does it cost?

Please see the booking page for costs of all events.

Are the staff qualified?

All instructors are qualified. All staff are DBS checked and first aid trained. 

What if it is raining?

SUP is an outdoor sport, so if it is raining we will still go paddling! Please wear suitable
clothing (eg, a waterproof jacket) and bring spare clothes to change into after the session.

What about lightning?

Please discuss with your instructor when you get to Islington Boat Club.

What if it is super windy?

On rare occasions (especially when it is extremely windy and there are weather warnings), we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule your session. However, we are constantly looking at the weather reports/sky so we will aim to share this info 24 hours before your planned session. We are on the water a lot so keep an eye on your email rather than
phoning us.

What else should I bring?

Water in a refillable bottle, keepcup if you are heading off for coffee afterwards, a snack –
SUP will make you hungry! There is a Co-Op

2 minutes walk from sup@islington and also
loads of cafes, pubs etc. Don’t forget your spare clothes.

Are there any rules?

Please wear a buoyancy aid (which we will supply) and no jeans or bare feet on the boards.

Can I leave a bag while I’m supping?

Of course!

Can I cancel my booking and reschedule?

Due to the small group size bookings are non-refundable. If you can no longer make your
session, we will try to offer you an exchange on to another one (providing there is space) up
to 24 hours before your booked session. If you need to cancel with less than 24 hours to go,
we cannot guarantee an exchange. The exception is if you have tested for Covid-19 or are isolating – please let us know and get well soon.

Want to learn or improve your paddling? Read what some people have to say...


“I like the way you can learn SUP quickly. It’s easier and harder than I thought. Time goes so quickly, it felt like half an hour not an hour and a half.”


“Thank you so much for your patience and help.”


“I have loved getting out on the water with sup@islington over the last year no
matter the time of day or the weather. It’s been lovely to build my Paddleboarding skills in an encouraging and supportive environment. I’ve found Paddleboarding with sup@islington really relaxing as well as good exercise and would really recommend them to anyone interested in learning to SUP or in getting out on the water more regularly.”


“Islington Boat Club is a great place for beginners to learn to SUP and then to go for a relaxing paddle on a Summer’s Evening.”


“Always a nice crowd of people and an enjoyable place to paddle.”


"Sup@islington was great in that it gave me a relaxing escape each week with longer trips on some weekends in summer. Paddling on Regent’s Canal with sup@islington is wonderful."


“I loved getting closer to nature in such an urban environment. You see the city in such a different and beautiful way when you’re on canal level, coming face to face with wildlife and being part of the ecosystem.”


“Paddleboarding is a wonderful opportunity to discover and connect to the nature and life the canal sustains, and to meet a host of adventurous, spirited people.” 


“Peaceful paddling along the canal, just enjoying nature and good company, perfect at the end of a busy day or stressful week.”


“I feel more confident and relaxed when I paddle. It’s a happy time.”


“Getting out on the water is a great way to unwind after a day at work.”


“Paddleboarding with you has been the highlight to my week. On my first ever lesson we were asked to lie on the board on our front and just relax. It was right at the beginning and an opportunity not to freak out. I’ve had a lot going on and it was the most relaxing moment I’d had for the last year. All I could hear was water and slight ripples.”

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